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Thursday Bible Study Group

Queen of Heaven: Mary's Battle for You


She is history's most famous woman. Those who come to her in their hour of need are welcomed with a mother's love, compassion, and care. She is gentleness itself to all who turn to her, expcet one: to Lucifer, the devil, she is an implacable foe. Queen of Heaven is the story of the battle between the angle who said "no" to God, woman who said "yes". It is a battle has flared through history to the current day. In Queen of Heaven you will see your mother intervening at pivotal periods in history to draw us back to her Son, and will discover why, even though the battle continues, victory is assured to all who turn to Jesus through the Queen of Heaven. Join Sacred Heart Thursday AM or PM class beginning September 13th for this 8 week Study. 

Fee is $20 if registered by August 30th. 

Betty Thomm (309) 799-3430



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