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Deacon Patrick Murphy

"I was born in Wisconsin during World War II.  Our family of seven lived on a small dairy farm.  I attended St. Joseph grade school.  After the war, my father moved the family and took a job in a large industrial city in Illinois. 

My parents built our second home in St. Patrick's Parish.  We were soon blessed with the birth of my 4th brother.  With two brothers, I learned the paper route business.  We graduated from St. Thomas High School and worked part time at a drive in restaurant. My aunt received her masters degree in education and encouraged us to continue our education.  I graduated from St. Ambrose College while working part time for the Davenport School System. I married my wife, MaryBeth, here at Sacred Heart Church in July, 1966, and we are blessed with three children and ten grandchildren.  I worked for a farm equipment manufacturer for 21 years and then 14 years for an aluminum supplier. I was ordained a deacon May 18, 2002 and I love serving God's people here at Sacred Heart.  I love being a papa, riding my bike, hiking, reading, and traveling. Most every Friday night, I have a date night with my wife, MaryBeth.  God is great!"