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Homily Notes 4th Sunday of Easter 2018

4th Sunday of Easter/ “Jesus is Alive in Us”

We have a Book of the Bible that we read from every day of the Easter Season; The Acts of the Apostles.  For seven weeks we read about the history of the early church.  If there is a section of the bible that provides accurate Biblical history, it is the Acts of the Apostles.  What is the point of this writing.  The purpose is not just…

Fourth Sunday of Easter

Dear Parishioners,

     Today is what is called Good Shepherd Sunday.  Jesus preaches about what a good shepherd is like.  I have known many pastors who were good shepherds in my life.  I have also known some who were mediocre.

     A couple weeks ago we buried Fr. Jim DeBisschop, a native son of our parish.  He comes to mind this Sunday as a good shepherd.  He was not always warm…

Homily Notes 3rd Sunday of Easter 2018

3rd Sunday of Easter, “God is not Finished with Me Yet.”         

We have many themes running through the Resurrection accounts that we see repeated.  One of the themes that we cannot help but notice is that the apostles do not recognize Jesus after the resurrection.  Only by interacting with him, in a variety of ways, do they come to know him. Most often it is by sharing a meal…

Third Sunday of Easter

Dear Parishioners,

     Next Sunday we will be starting our Annual Diocesan Appeal drive.  This year our goal is $147,521.  This goal is set by the Diocese of Peoria and this represents a $10,000 increase from last year.  The goal, we were told, went up for a variety of reasons. Mostly it was because the diocesan goal was raised by around $200,000.  Last year, despite a lot of toil and effort…

Divine Mercy Sunday 2018

Divine Mercy Sunday…… “Transforming Woundedness”

          We receive a message in the gospel’s resurrection accounts.  We hear it every year.  The message is very clear, “Jesus is risen.”  But what does resurrection mean?  The accounts in scripture are meant to help us understand.  What are they saying?

            Resurrection is not simply resuscitation.  Jesus, when he comes…

Homily Easter Sunday 2018

Easter Sunday---------“Easter is Also About Us”         

One of the great tragedies of Christian History is the rupture between the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church.  Popes and Patriarchs have longed to mend this breach between two great churches.  The arguments between the two culminated in schism in roughly 1,000 A.D. The argument was supposedly about Theology, but…

Holy Thursday Homily 2018

          Holy Thursday.  Practicing What We Preach

In the scriptures we hear that Jesus taught with authority, not like the Scribes and Pharisees. He was different from other preachers.  Why did he have authority?  Very simply, it was because he practiced what he preached. The crux of his teaching was that we are to love God, we are to love our neighbor. But Jesus took it one step further. …

Easter Sunday Of The Resurrection Of The Lord

Easter Prayer

When we are all despairing;

Read more | Apr 01, 2018

Homily Notes Palm Sunday 2018

Palm Sunday, “We Participate in the Prayer”         

The Holy Week liturgies can be powerful experiences.  We could compare them to a theatrical production.  In speaking of the liturgy in that way, we are not being disrespectful.  The ancient Greeks had many theaters in their cities.  Often, they were connected to different religious temples, in other words, it was all part of the worship…

Palm Sunday of the Passion of The Lord

Dear Parishioners,

     A major initiative for Moline, Coal Valley, and Orion parishes and for Seton School will be taking place in April and May.  The Steier Group will be conducting a feasibility study for our area.  This announcement has been made before, but the time draws nearer.

     Each institution is considering capital improvements to their facilities.  The work being contemplated…